Market Going Down Orders Going UP

Hello out there! I just started a Southern Pines, NC Virtual Tour Company. It is in times like these you begin to wonder if your order volume will stay up while the market trend is going down. Just remember that even though the market is going down people are still selling their homes and moving. Don’t let your customers forget about you, stay in their faces so to speak. In times like this I have been going the extra mile for my customers and doing things for them that the other virtual tour providers may not.

I have been busy sponsoring events and even hosting a photography training session. Many realty offices have weekly events and training sessions so you try to become a sponsor for one too. This will get you two things; first you have the opportunity to become a preferred provider for that office and secondly chances are if you sponsor it you will get a small time block to go in and talk about your virtual tour business. This is your opportunity to stand out. You are already on their good side because you are making their event possible so now is your chance to blow them away.

Don’t bore them with the typical slide show presentation ~ Slide shows are old ~ Come up with something new, maybe don’t even talk to them bring them a snack and let them go on their way. They do say that FOOD is the way to any ones heart. Hand out coupons with crowd participation get them involved don’t put them to sleep.

Lastly, often these events are more than just that particular office and other Realtors from other offices participate so this is your chance to gain their business too. If you already provide virtual tours for the office you sponsor that’s ok. This is a chance for you to reinforce your bond. It is the little things like this that earn me life-long relationships and produce repeat business. While your competitors are looking for work in this down time your orders will be sure to stay steady when you invest in your clients.

Lacey Conn
Southern Pines Virtual Tour Company
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