A Little Texas Tour Sold em

We offer Virtual Tours in Shreveport and Bossier City area in Northwest Louisiana. Given our location we find our market often extends into the rural areas of East Texas. We had spoken with a Realtor from one of these rural towns in East Texas on several occasions, answering his questions regarding virtual tours. Finally, after several months, he took the plunge and ordered a tour for one of his outlying properties. A few weeks later we received another call from him for another virtual tour. It was at this second meeting that he related the story of the first property.

It seems that shortly after posting the 360 tour, he received a call from an interested buyer stating that she had seen the online virtual tour and was interested in seeing the home in person. He told her that he would be glad to show her property and that he had some time the following day. “Oh,” she replied, “I don’t think I can be there that quickly.” Our Realtor asked her where she was coming from. “Belgium” she replied. Shocked, our Realtor says, “The country?!” “Yes”, she exclaimed.

To make a long story short, she did eventually make it into town, saw the property in person and bought it. Our Realtor calls us regularly now and we always enjoy working with him. He had a first hand experience with the power of marketing with our virtual tours and the internet. Real Tour Vision not only make us and our clients look their BEST online it also enables Realtors to extend their markets well beyond their local area. Maybe even to markets they didn’t even realize they had!

Thanks Real Tour Vision!

Rebecca and Gary Bolda
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