Just Bloggin Away To Success

It has been about 6 months now since the birth of our virtual tour company blog and let me tell you that Blogging is much easier than it seems!! This blog has grown quite quickly into its own and rightfully so, with all of the participation that we have had. For those in the Real Tour Vision family of providers who have not yet taken advantage of this incredible marketing tool, I would have to say that you should read this particular blog closely and pay special attention to some key points along the way. I am about to reveal my newest secret weapon in marketing.

It all started about 6 months ago when Jason started the Real Tour Vision virtual tour company blog. Looking back, I remember being a bit hesitant about spending additional time writing blogs in addition to the ones that I had currently been submitting through another blog. I submitted the first provider blog on February 20th. Well, just a little over a month later I started noticing hits coming into my website. When I checked my website stats, I had received over 50 hits referred from the virtual tour company blog! Over 250% more hits from a brand new blog over my other blog! Not bad.I was hooked! Since that time I have made a habit of submitting blogs on a regular basis to RTV and the extra effort has paid off.

Now that the virtual tour company blog has a Google PR of 5/10 my local SERPs show my website as the first two listings with one of my more popular blog entries as number three! And that is just for ONE of the three counties that I service. Another county shows two of my blogs as the first and second top results, my website third & fourth, my RTV testimonial fifth, and two blogger feeds as sixth and seventh. Yes, you read that right. I hold the top seven search results for Treasure Coast Virtual Tour Company.

So what is my newest secret weapon in marketing… you are reading it!

If you have yet to submit a blog for the Real Tour Vision virtual tour company blog, I highly suggest you start today! Talk about the industry, talk about your experiences, talk about anything… just get your blogs into Real Tour Vision on a regular basis and then watch your website stats for the results!


Cheryl Waller
Treasure Coast Virtual Tours