How Effective are Virtual Tours – Really?

In Shreveport and Bossier City virtual tours seem to be everywhere these days. Buyers are looking at them, sellers want them, realtors have them, but how effective are they really? Here are some statistics that may surprise you. According to a recent survey* conducted by the National Association of Realtors® 77% of all home buyers listed the internet as the most important source of information about a listing.

Statistics like this show us that buyers are shopping on the internet. And why not? They can view more homes in less time at their convenience by shopping online. And that’s not the end of the story. According to the NAR®, listings that have virtual tours are 88% more valuable than ones that don’t. Not to mention that states that the “virtual tour” feature is selected more than 100,000 times per day**.

Clearly, virtual tours are not just that new thing everybody is getting. They are becoming a necessary marketing tool. All virtual tours are not created equal. Everything from slide shows to 360 tours is being labeled as virtual tours. Some of these are high quality and some are not. But with 77% of all home buyers looking to the internet for information, at Ark-La-Tex Virtual Tours we strive to provide that information.

As an RTV provider we are able to effectively “show” the home with high quality, viewable photographs and panoramas that leave the viewer with a real sense of the property. Our virtual tours are able to provide all the information to the buyer that the Realtor would provide in person. Not just the price and square footage, but information about the neighborhood, the community and the features of the house itself.

We can offer the buyer a printable flyer to easily remember the property. We can give them a 3d floor plan of the home and a map to the property. We can even offer them a mortgage calculator, information about the area schools and community links. Thanks to RTV’s efforts to be the cutting edge of virtual tour technology, we can provide all the information a buyer is looking for and more.

So, how effective are virtual tours – really? According to recent statistics, they should allow the realtor’s listing to become 88% more valuable with 77% of the buyers. Very effective! And if a Realtor has a professional virtual tour company, such as an RTV full service provider, which can help them put that tour to work for them, the possibilities could transform the real estate market.

Thanks RTV!

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