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What is the definition of Customer Service? Webster’s New Millennium ™ Dictionary of English states that Customer Service is the assistance and other resources that a company provides to the people who buy or use its products or services. (v0.9.7.) Lexico Publishing Group, LLC.

While building up my virtual tour company in Houston throughout my daily travels, I always am disappointed in the lack of customer service that is given to me by businesses. Whether it is a fast food restaurant or a retail store I never get the level of customer service that I think I should get. Is customer service a forgotten relic? I hope not.

In my Virtual Tour business, the one thing I tell people that work with me is that customer service is top priority. I treat my clients the way I feel that I need to be treated when I use someone else’s services. Go the extra mile is what I say. This is one reason why I think I get business away from the national companies is because I will do almost anything for a client. I also understand that there will be instances when customer services have been exhausted with a client and you have to cut your losses. But always remember even if you have to cut your losses with a client do it in a way that you will not receive a bad referral. I know it is hard to do that but don’t give them a reason to speak bad of you. KILL THEM WITH KINDNESS is what my mom always told me.

So the moral of the BLOG is Customer Service should be your top priority. Treat your clients with the level of customer service that you would want to receive.

Mike Stolte
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