FREE Virtual Tour Sofware Updates

Real Tour Vision is pleased to announce that our virtual tour providers worldwide are now able to control the pan speed and pan direction of the virtual tours. A pan speed of 99 is as fast as possible to the right and a pan speed setting of -99 is as fast as possible to the left. A pan speed of 0 will keep the panoramas from moving at all. This has been a very high request among our virtual tour provider network for some time now. Some want it slower while others wanted it to be faster. Overall the panning speed of a virtual tour is highly dependent on the processor speed of the computer, how many tasks are running in the background, video card quality and how much RAM is inside of a computer. Since this is very different from one machine to the next we have adapted our system to satisfy everyone on a per tour basis. This is just another free virtual tour software edit that we have made allowing our providers to better accommodate.

Finally by popular demand the Real Tour Vision TMS now auto populates Google Maps and Google Satellite upon upload. This is a switch from the Yahoo mapping service that was previously used. To remain the most flexible virtual tour system on the market we will allow all of our virtual tour providers to change over to any other mapping technology or satellite technology by dropping in a new link when editing a virtual tour.

Real Tour Vision delivers the best virtual tour software in the industry and has the World’s largest network.

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