Don’t Play Favorites With Your Clients

During a recent conversation with a Realtor(r) who was ordering a Virtual Tour I was told that she had another listing coming up this week but she didn’t feel it justified a Virtual Tour. I wonder how the undeserving home’s owner would feel about this? Think about this quote I actually heard from someone using the internet to look for their first home:

“If I see a home listed somewhere on the internet and the agent didn’t think it was worthy of a virtual tour then it probably isn’t worthy of my time.”

It’s easy to see the logic of this thinking. I was also told by a long time Minneapolis Realtor recently that if he sees a listing on the MLS that doesn’t have a large number of great pictures he won’t bother sending that listing to his buyers. He assumes that these days if you don’t have at least 10 great pictures the home must not be that great.

Don’t play favorites with your sellers, after all, one of the great benefits of an interactive virtual tour is to show other potential home sellers that you are using the latest technology in your efforts to market homes. Make a Virtual Tour on every home an important part of your marketing plan and set yourself apart as a leader in your market place. Remember, search sites like wouldn’t give you the option of sorting out only homes with Virtual Tours if there wasn’t buyers out there who only want to see homes with Virtual Tours first.

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