Can I Have Fries With That?

I own a Southern Pines, NC Virtual Tour Compnay and we provide Virtual Tours, floor plans, professional printing (with an affiliate) and other various services. I have been taking some classes with an unmentioned real estate group just to see what Realtors are up to and how they are looking at and approaching things. I figure what better way to get into a Realtors head than to take a class with them and learn what they are learning. Not to mention they know I am a Virtual Tour Provider so how convenient when they are talking about marketing they have a marketing tool right at hand!

I have had many things just kick me in the face and make me wonder “why haven’t I been doing this?” Realtors much like Virtual Tour Providers are trying to market them selves and their ability to do something for some one else that just about any other Realtor can do so it is more important than ever to find out what your customer really wants? I was told a quote that will stick with me for the rest of my life… “Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there!”

So Real Tour Vision has put me on the right track and I am not about to sit here and get run over by the competition. We offer a better and much higher quality Virtual Tour than any of our competitors so why wouldn’t people want to order from us? This is the biggest question and the biggest problem. Until you have figured out the exact answer to this question you have no other problem. The phone not ringing, no orders coming over via fax, emails not pouring do not even matter if you are unable to answer this question. What makes YOU better? What makes YOUR product better? Why should they use YOU if your prices are $25 higher than your competitor?

Customers don’t care that you have better equipment they don’t even care if you have only been doing this for 2 months or 2 years they want to know how YOU benefit them. NOT how Virtual Tours benefit them (because they already know this if they use them) but how YOU benefit them. What are YOU able to do that none of your competitors have even began to think about? Maybe it’s 3-D Floor Plans or even just your personal attention to their needs and wants.

Don’t promise them the world then only provide a City. Promise them a City then give them the whole country. Under promise and always over deliver. If you over state what your abilities and intentions are you are setting your self up for failure for sure. Why not promote and offer a smaller amount of service and provide a lot more. Doesn’t it feel better to you if someone offers you a hot dog and then gives you a chili dog with fries? This also will get people talking.

When someone brings up Virtual Tours, they will immediately think about you and how you promised them a hot dog but gave them a chili dog with fries. Although you are offering a smaller amount of services you have the ability to exceed their expectations and do what you normally would do but make your services appear more valuable. It is not about how much you do but how well you market what you do. So from now on look at things like a Burger joint and don’t ask would you like fries with that? Just give them the fries they wanted but didn’t ask for.

Lacey Conn
Virtual Tours Plus
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