Automatic 3D Walkthrough Praise

Dear Real Tour Vision,

I just wanted to thank your entire team for all of your hard work on making our dream a reality. It was amazing how quickly you put together our first 3d virtual walkthrough from the 2d Floor Plan sketches that we faxed you. I am so grateful to you for being so easy to work with and always responding quickly to our requests.

We are in the process of building and selling a home so naturally we are very excited to be able to show what they house will look before it is even built. In the past we simply had to show someone a floor plan and the customer would have to visualize which is not something that everyone can do very well. Your floor plan and 3D walkthrough service really made the house come to life before our eyes. We are so grateful to you for making this happen.

We have just started to use this tool and we will be sending in over 20 more sketch and fax floor plans over the the next week or so because we are so happy with the product that you have provided to us. We are very glad that we found you and your company and we will be talking to you soon about the new floor plans and the new builders that this tool will attract.


Sal Mercurio, Broker/Agent /Virtual Tour Provider
Idaho Dream Properties
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