Virtual Tours in Maui – Virtual Realtor on Maui

On Maui, the Valley Isle, internet marketing is crucial to the success of all Realtors (r). Living on Maui presents challenges in the real estate market, and the Realtors on this small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean know just how important it is to market their listings on the internet. They realize that virtual real estate tours are truly the 7/24 open house and the best way to show mainland buyers their properties.

Buyers on the mainland spend a lot of time researching properties so that they can utilize their time to the max while on Maui. Many of them choose their Realtor based on the information they have researched on the internet. And so it goes – the internet is an important marketing tool, especially to the Realtors on the remote islands of Hawaii.

At a recent meeting of Realtors, one of my clients came up to me and told me an interesting story. He said that he was holding an open house at his latest listing and in walked a couple from the mainland. He offered to show them the house, but they politely explained that they would just explore on their own. They proceeded to walk through the home, making comments like “down the hall is the master bedroom”, and “downstairs are the rest of the bedrooms.” My client was amazed that they knew so much about a home that they had never been in. He talked with them for a while after they had seen the home and they explained to him that they had seen the house on the internet, liked it, and noted that it was one that they didn’t want to miss while on Maui. Then they told him that they “liked his Virtual Tour.” He was amazed!

When he finished relating this story to me he told me that he felt like a “Virtual Realtor.” Even though he is a repeat client, with my photos and virtual tours on many of his listings, I think that this experience really made him understand the importance of a virtual tour. He now says that he doesn’t understand why any Realtor would list a home and not hire a professional to do the photos and virtual tour.

Oh – – – did the couple buy the home? No, but my client now has this couple as his clients. Another reason to hire a professional virtual tour company – excellent photos and virtual tours draw the attention of the buyers.

Thank you RTV for having the best virtual tour software. I am proud to be part of your family.

Shirlee Smith
Images by Shirlee
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