Turning Up The Virtual Tours in Metro Oklahoma City

I am excited! I have been working on my marketing campaign to introduce my virtual tour business to Realtors in the Oklahoma City Metro area. I am using sponsored searches through Real Tour Vision’s Pay Per Click Advertising Program, with sponsored listings on Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and more.

It is so cool to see my virtual tour business on the search results , and my website has had over 1000 visits in less than a month! I am also working on a direct mail campaign, offering two-for-one tours, and a phone campaign, using networking methods. I have discovered that almost everyone knows at least one Realtor! They are either family, friends, acquaintances, they go to the same church, their kids play sports together, whatever. So, I call them up, introduce myself, and say something along the lines of “I have a great new virtual tour for Oklahoma Realtors, and so-and-so suggested I call you and let you know about it, too.”

In a week, the phone campaign has yielded me several interviews, and I am going to be very busy introducing my virtual tour company to potential clients! I am also giving my business card out at every opportunity. To the grocery store clerks, on bulletin boards, to friends, to soccer moms, any time the opportunity arises. As I mentioned earlier, everyone knows at least one Realtor!