Stage & Snap

Most people are familiar with the term “home staging” but for many homeowners and real estate agents home staging and 360 virtual tours have now become concepts that are essential in promoting a home in the marketplace.

In the past, sellers were operating at their own discretion in preparing their homes for viewing While agents are professionals in selling and closing of properties and can give advice to homeowners as to what will help sell their property; time and other factors have made it difficult getting a home ready for photographing or even for that first “open house”.

“Home Stagers” are professionals in the art and practice of preparing a home for viewing, which is an essential key for ‘curb appeal’ in attracting buyers and also beneficial for us as virtual tour Providers in creating the perfect condition for shooting our 360 Virtual Tours.

The potential buyers first impression, whether seen online or on premise can ultimately make or break a deal!

As many Home Staging companies are now starting to add virtual tours to their services, although not very good quality; I am now contacting as many home staging companies as possible and proposing referral partnerships, in order to present all properties at their very best the first time around!

Although I have met some stagers on shoots, finding a professional is much like searching for any other service. Ask around, check the yellow pages, or simply do a web search for your area. It will be a great asset for your virtual tour company!

Much Success!

James Rector
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