The Royal (RTV) Treatment

My name is Kim Harrison. I live in Carmel CA. I had discovered RTV online back in April, but did not think I could build a business by myself. Jason LaVanture was gracious with his time and wished me well, no pressure.

A few months later I met a young man, a website builder whom I contacted with some issues I was having with my sites. One thing led to another, and we have become business partners.

One of the first things Dexter did was to caution me on my spending habits, in the sense that I wanted the best tools to grow our business, (marketing.) One day I said, “Dexter, check out this company.” It was the Real Tour Vision website.

Dexter was quiet, staring at the screen for a few minutes, flipping through the pages. All he said was “We need this.”

I am telling you, we were pretty jazzed to see our equipment arrive, especially the camera. The people at the other end really walked us through the process. Ben Knorr got the virtual tour software set up on my PC over the phone, then we were scheduled for our training. In the meantime We did a ‘360 tour’ of my living room. The virtual tour looked better than my room does in person! We were hooked.

Next was our training with John. John sounds like the designer from Project Runway, Tim Gunn. Any way, it was fun and John made sure we weren’t going to mess up our work. Cool. And he worked with us late, on a Friday no less.

Before we knew it we received a phone call from Morgan. Apparently we had already ‘passed’, and received an order through the Real Tour Vision Tour Track Program. They automatically send you leads from national accounts!

Dexter did the photos, and I was ready to work on the virtual tour with him, figuring between us we would know what to do. As luck would have it, Dexter had a family emergency. Within moments of using the easy to use virtual tour software I uploaded my first tour all by myself.

I also want to say that I called in after hours (the 3 hour time difference), but even the operator knew how to help me! AMAZING!!!

Morgan sent an email with congrats and I got a pat on the back from the other members as well. There just has not been a bad experience with this virtual tour company; just the opposite. Maybe I am a little biased, being from the Midwest myself, but I don’t think that’s it. Real Tour Vision is a great company all around, and have made the whole process smooth.

Our thanks and best wishes to all of you. Our website is next!


Kim Harrison and Dexter Salazar
Carmel California Virtual Tour Company
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