Keeping Bridges Intact

When surfin’ our MLS this week, I came across a branded tour of a realtor in our town. I emailed her directly from MLS that she’d inadvertently used the branded tour on MLS, because it can result in a fine.

The email bounced back to me with the message “None of your e-mail accounts could send to this recipient.” (and something about spam.)

After taking a few days to lick my wounds, I called her office directly and asked if they could get a message to her. They said sure, and I simply repeated the message I’d written. I didn’t identify myself.

Imagine my surprise when the phone rang. “Someone just called from this number to alert me that I had a branded virtual tour on one of my listings.” I identified myself as the person who had called, and we chatted for a few minutes. I never tried to “sell” her.. we just chatted.

Coincidentally, she was the first real estate agent I spoke to when starting this business 2.5 years ago. She opened the door for me speaking to her office at a sales meeting back then and at the end of our chat, she asked me to attempt to send something again so she can keep me in mind the next time she needs a virtual tour. This time it did go through, and I believe we’ll be doing business very soon.

Life is good!

Dawn Shaffer
All About Virtual Tours
Battle Ground, Washington Virtual Tour Company