Grand Slam Grcic

I feel like a clean up batter at the bottom of the 9th with the score 3-0 and bases loaded whenever I walk into a situation where Circlepix, or some other virtual tour company, created what they called a virtual tour. The customer is always dissatisfied until I come in to clean the situation up and win the game by hitting my grand slam with our AWESOME 360 virtual tours and service!

This has happened on several occasions and it is an amazing opportunity to shine through and gain a new account. Not only are the customers unhappy with the quality of the competitors virtual tours, but it seems most often that these other virtual tour companies have slow acting customer service calls centers. All of my clients are relieved to know they can easily and quickly reach a local virtual tour provider who is willing to get the job done quick and fast.

The Realtourvision product and support staff have given me the confidence I need to beat out the competition time and time again and gain new happy accounts. Go out there and knock out the competition with your own 360 virtual tour grand slams!!

Zivko Grcic
360 Real Home Tours
Jersey Shore Virtual Tour Company