Virtual Tours Picking up in Florida!

Well RTV I have got to tell you all, Florida is waking up again. It seems like after 6-8 weeks of sluggish business Realtors(R) in the southwest Florida area are starting to wake up again. Every time I worry about not getting enough work, I start looking for a part-time job. Then, as soon as I do that I get a call for lots of virtual tours and I realize I don’t have time for another job. This is my opening year for my virtual tour company and I know that it will take some time.

I’m sure business is going to get very busy, very soon. I’ve definitely noticed an increase in calls just in the last week. I started working on my own providership full-time about 2 months ago. Since summer is typically slow for Realtors – because kids are out of school and family vacations are taking place – I decided not to panic and just keep plugging along.

Besides, the market in Southwest Florida has been in the headlines lately. A 2 year surplus of houses and no one buying homes created a serious slump. Some realtors here are even working as waiters and waitresses just to make ends meet. But somehow, things seem to be turning around. In the last week alone I have had at least SIX new clients!! I’m shooting 4 tours a day over the next 2 days. It just goes to show, if you make it through the dry season there is always an abundant season that follows. The slow season served me well because it gave me time to go through my learning curve on the virtual tour software and figure out which parts of the tour building process I was good at and which parts I needed to improve upon.

It gave me time to experiment too with manual photo stitching and lighting techniques. Now that business is picking up I can go forward with confidence. If Florida waking up is any sign to go by, the rest of the country should be waking up soon too. Good luck to all in the network!

Go Team RTV!

Yvonne Kurtz
Quantum Views Virtual Photography
Authorized provider for Real Tour Vision