Virtual Tour Management System 2.0 Now Live

Nearly one year ago seven new engineers came through the doors of Real Tour Vision, looked under the hood to see what the future had in store for them. What they saw was a system built upon several servers, performing hundreds of operations, written in 1999 by eight previous engineers no longer on staff and in multiple programming languages. It would not be easy to condense the existing system down to one universal platform allowing for a more scalable environment for all future updates. With over 1000 active providers in 24 countries the task would not be easy to go from start to finish with minimal down time and disruptions for the existing network. The new team smiled and signed up for the challenge of a lifetime.

In August of 2006 they began to stride forward with confidence and coding agility Real Tour Vision had never seen before. The entire time with one common goal running through their mind; they would deliver each and every Real Tour Vision provider the very best in virtual tour technology at a faster pace than ever before once a new foundation was in place. Real Tour Vision would not only have the largest network, they would deliver the best technology.

To date the new Real Tour Vision engineering team has not only picked up the ball and began to run, they are stampeding towards the finish line with what will be single-handedly the biggest accomplishment in Real Tour Vision history; the delivery of TMS 2.0. TMS 2.0 is the framework from which all virtual tours are deployed from. It is the backbone of our architecture and it is where all virtual tour back office work takes place. Without a solid TMS, RTV would simply be another shelf product on the market unable to withstand any amount of volume ordering.

To date Real Tour Vision has the World’s largest active virtual tour photographer network and we stand together today to salute our new engineering team for the accomplishments they have made in their first year with us. A new virtual tour layout was first on their list to keep our virtual tours looking competitive in the marketplace. Next, the new Real Tour Vision corporate website was launched and to date it ranks higher than any other virtual tour software or virtual tour company website in the world. When Real Tour Vision decided that it was best to take our provider website development in house the new engineering team did not falter and had a brand new template based system up and running inside of 20 days. The integration of our new flash viewer now permits anyone and everyone to view our virtual tours worldwide. Accomplishment after accomplishment the Real Tour Vision system continues to grow and respond to the needs of the virtual tour providers all over the world.

From everyone at Real Tour Vision and the new engineering staff we would all like to thank you, our virtual tour providers and providers, for your patience and continued dedication and support throughout the programming of TMS 2.0. We hope that you all love the new interface as much as we do and we also hope you are ready for the battery of great and amazing updates that are still to come this year at Real Tour Vision.

Thank you!