Rock Out With Your Pod Out

Attention RTV providers…DO YOU ROCK OUT??

One of the first tours I did, the Realtor(r) unlocked this huge home, turned on some music, and let me “work my magic.” Here I was in my socks (I always take my shoes off when I go into homes…it’s a Northwest custom). I whistled… I danced… and put together a hot tour!

The other day I was on the phone with another RTV provider (hi, Linda!) talking shop, and this very subject came up. She laughed out loud and said that she does her best work when she listens to music, and that she thinks she’s going to put her IPOD on (I think that’s what she said) and get to work. She said that she it would probably discourage people from disturbing her during the photo shoot. She would not be able to hear them anyway. In my case, they would stay away because I whistle LOUD!

Whistling while you work or having some music going does tend to influence the creative side of your brain that you use during your photo shoots. Are there others in the RTV network doing this? We would love to know.

Dawn Shaffer
Real Tour Vision Provider