Real Estate Photos and Wide Lens Cameras

We are in our third year as a virtual tour provider for the Vancouver/Portland metro area and frequently chat with Realtors(r) about additional services they would like to see us provide.

A Realtor emailed her photos to us. We were to use them to create a slide show. One photo was labeled The Couch. I asked her to rename all of the still photos how she wanted them to appear in the slide show (Was the couch in the living room? The family room?) and resend them to me.

The Realtor understood that the greater question here was not what room the couch was in, but whether she wanted to post a photo of a couch on the internet.

To make a long story short, she had us retake all of the photos, and put them in a slide show…and she uses us for everything now—virtual tours on some properties, slide shows on others.

Make sure the property is ready (visit our website and click on “tour preparation tips” at the bottom) and use quality equipment. Your marketing reputation is on the line.

Dawn Shaffer
I love Real Tour Vision!