Raising the Bar with Image Editing

I’ve recently started experimenting with exporting my pans into Photo Shop (PS) before adding them to my virtual tour. After exporting and saving, I click cancel, then add the spin later as an image, when I’m finished editing. I spend so much time editing and perfecting my still photos; brightening, color, contrast etc….why wouldn’t I do the same for my spins?! I know, I know..it takes more time, but…it’s worth it.

I have a favorite button in PS. It’s the shadow highlight button. All those dark corners and far away rooms just come alive with a click of the mouse! And the overly bright skies are toned down and deepened. Although, a few extra flashes on tripods set in inconspicuous areas would work even better, but this works great for my current budget.

I use a Panasonic FZ 50 with a wide angle (WA) conversion lens and an external flash. I find with the WA lens on, my images tend to be a bit…lifeless. Almost dull or flat. That’s when I fire up PS. First I hit the shadow/ highlight…. till it looks close to like it did through my eyes, then I bump up the contrast and saturation a bit and finally go into DCE Tools and correct any perspective or distortion issues and finally bump up the exposure. I never have felt the need to correct any perspective or lens distortion with the pans though…not sure why, they just don’t seem to need it?

Here is a recent tour with every pan and still edited with the above mentioned steps .

I will continue to pursue excellence within my tour building abilities and my photography, because that’s what keeps clients coming back for more!

Thanks RTV!

Linda Sabiston
First Impression 360° Virtual Tours and Photography