One Hour Production and 120 Virtual Tours Later

It seemed so far away but it happened in only a few months. So far my company, “Perfect Images” has done 120 360 virtual tours! We’ve done virtual tours for 42 Realtors(r) in 20 real estate companies, some commercial business and 10 for sale by owners. Does this make us experts on Virtual Tours? I believe it does. I remember the days when our first virtual tours would take us about two to three hours to finish. Of course, it did not take us very long at all to bring our virtual tour creation time down to one hour or less. I am talking about the whole process of taking the photos, photo stitching the images together, compressing, hot spotting, exporting high resolution images for print and publishing to the Real Tour Vision servers.

Taking the pictures takes approximately 30 minutes and the rest of the processing with the virtual tour software takes about another 30 minutes or less. The new TMS that Real Tour Vision is releasing tomorrow allows for INSTANT approval process of our virtual tours, agents and owners so there is even more time that we will be saving on our virtual tour production.

You know, that what’s so great about working with a company like Real Tour Vision. The process is simple and fast. Their customer service is outstanding, and for that reason we can guarantee our customers the links the same day of the photo shoot! Isn’t that incredible?

It’s amazing the horror stories I here about other virtual tour companies. Some take a whole week to send the links out and some just don’t do it at all.

Real Tour Vision is an example of what a virtual tour company should be, outstanding customer service and a pioneer in virtual tour technology. I see myself and my company being a part of Real Tour Vision for a very long time. Great Job Real Tour Vision!

Claudia Jaramillo
Perfect Images
Treasure Coast Virtual Tour Provider