Just How Hot are the RTV Hot Spots?

Pretty Hot!

Loop Photography is proud to be one of the only major Virtual Tour Providers in the Minneapolis area to utilize Hot Spots in their 360 Interactive Virtual Tours. Real Tour Vision’s virtual tour software allows for these custom .gif images called Hot Spots to be imported directly onto the images or scenes within the tour. Hot Spots allow a fully interactive viewing experience for online shoppers.

Engaging the online shopper with your real estate listings or business sets your virtual tour apart from those that require or call for no activity other than watching. Online visitors navigate through a home or a business by dragging the mouse and looking for the visual indicators that are built into each virtual tour scene.

Real Tour Vision Hot Spots allow potential buyers to get a better feel for the homes layout without getting “lost” in the experience. Hot Spots can also draw attention to unique home features such as fireplaces, built-ins, upgraded appliances etc. If you have never seen a virtual tour with the unique RTV hot spots check out some samples on our website: www.loopphotography.com

The fact is virtual tours with “hot spots” keep buyers looking at your listing longer as they have fun navigating from room to room. To order the best Virtual Tours in Minnesota produced by the worlds finest virtual tour software visit www.loopphotography.com.

Jeff Bartol
Loop Photography
Twin City Virtual Tour Company