Improving the Virtual Tour Experience

Take the next step in the virtual tour experience and add an interactive aspect. Some virtual tour providers allow comments or recorded voice-overs to guide viewers through a non-interactive presentation. But, if you added an interactive aspect to it, you now get the complete package. So, why not add interactive hotspots on the tour and allow viewers to become immersed in their ‘own’ interactive tour of the home? With a simple point-and-click of a mouse, viewers can ‘walk’ from the kitchen to the family room.

Not only do you give potential buyers full control over their own ‘personal tour’ of the home, but you can also allow them to hear a professional pre-recorded informational message highlighting key features of the home. Want to see it? Just point-and-click!

The pivotal key to any business is the ability to bring in customers and keep them happy. Giving your potential clients the ability to not only view, but also ‘control’ their own tours gives you the ability to ‘personally’ introduce homes while allowing clients to ‘walk’ through the home at their leisure. Once they find their dream-home, the next step is to refer their friends! The question is, to whom will they refer them?

Cheryl Waller
Treasure Coast Virtual Tours