Glass Half Full

I have been a fan of watching the news for many years now and am aware of how certain issues can be spun. There are many important issues being reported in the news lately, including one subject of interest to me; the housing market. It seems to me that we are only getting one side of the story.

Now I haven’t been accused of being a glass half full person by any means, but it occurred to me as I added my third new Realtor(R) client in a month, that maybe things aren’t as bad as the news is reporting.

I began to ask my clients how the market was. Much to the contrary of the national news reports, all but one real estate agent told me the market wasn’t what it was 3 years ago, but homes were selling and buyers were out there. The buyers were just a bit more particular about the properties they were buying. All of them said it is now a buyer’s market.

This buyers market should be considered an opportunity to sell our tours. We provide the first look most buyers will get at a property and with a buyer’s market; the property needs to make a great first impression, especially with a near record number of listings in many areas of the

One of my clients pointed out that the market they had 3-5 years ago was a booming market, not a normal market and a lot of Realtors got spoiled by the line of impatient buyers and full price plus offers. He explained that the market we are now in is a little slow, but is expected to grow steadily,this according to the NAR (National Association of Realtors).

Remember there are always two sides to every story and the housing market is no different. This is a great time to be a virtual tour provider with all of the homes on the market. Many real estate agents may have tight marketing budgets, but with a strong tour portfolio and a little salesmanship, you can take advantage of this buyer’s market.

Curt Richard
Launch Marketing