A Day in the Life of a Virtual Tour Provider

Often times Realtors(r) don’t attend the shoots for virtual tours because they trust our judgment. This is perfectly fine with us if the owner is home. Homeowners (99% of the time) cooperate by following our “tour preparation tips” and staying out of view of the camera. They are curious about the virtual tour process and share any concerns they may have (will you make sure to show THIS?)

Recently a homeowner explained they are moving out of the area shortly. They had found a stager to investigate the cost. It was extremely expensive, and they were disappointed this would not be an option.

I asked if they had been offered partial staging, and the homeowner explained they were told “all or nothing.” I’ve seen partial staging so I know it can be done, and I supplied them with contact information of 4 stagers in our greater metro area.

At the next virtual tour appointment, the homeowner had followed our “tips” and the house was spotless. We recommended rearranging the living room furniture somewhat to make it feel more open, suggested moving a couple of items out of the way which would have distracted the viewer, and adjusting blinds so that they were at the best angle. Homeowners seem to appreciate that we are not in-and-out “in a heartbeat” want the home to look its best.

We are all about creating masterpiece virtual tours which will help sell your listings because like you, we want to develop long-lasting, repeat business relationships.

Dawn Shaffer
Virtual Tours