CirclePix Virtual Tour VS The B

Okay, so I’m sure some of you in major markets have had the question, “So how do you compare to CirclePix virtual tours?” Well, price IS certainly a factor, but take a look at this example and price suddenly no longer becomes part of the conversation.

What do I mean? Well, recently BakerB Solutions had a “summer shutdown” to let all of our people have a vacation. One of our clients hired CirclePix virtual tour photographer during this time. Upon the completion of shutdown, we received an order from them with the following in the comments section of the order: “VT done by CirclePix during shutdown – CirclePix Virtual Tour is no good! MUST HAVE it replaced with BakerB VT ASAP!”

After completing the “redo” of this property I discovered that, while the property is certainly a challenge to do a premium tour, the CirclePix tour lacked some basic elements of a good 360 tour (regardless of the subject). Here are just a few examples of what I found:

1) The broker’s name was not spelled correctly, they called it “Llewellyn Real Estate” when it is actually “Llewellyn Realtors”

2) The street name was spelled as “Briar Wood Terrace” when the actual street is “Briarwood Terrace”

3) The front shot highlights the dead tree stump in the front yard. It is fairly unavoidable, but look at the BakerB/RTV tour and you will see how the interface allows us to “crop” that portion of the image out.

4) Just take a look at the bathroom shots in the CirclePix virtual tour. Is that what you would expect after paying $120?

For more examples, do a side by side comparison for yourself, and you will see why our client demanded our virtual tour replace the the CirclePix tour.

**Note: Please note that while our tour was done on an overcast day after some rainfall (per the agent’s urgent request), we were still able to get “light” into the rooms by overexposing some shots. The CirclePix tour was done late in the day/early evening.

See the Baker B Virtual Tour Powered by Real Tour Vision HERE

See the CirclePix Virtual Tour HERE


Alex Saenger
BakerB Solutions
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