The RTV Network Shares the Best Marketing Ideas

I am a new Real Tour Vision provider but not new to business in general. Previous experience told me that marketing was the key. I learned a great technique in the Tour Talk Newsletter called the “subtle tour” (Devised by Panorama Jack himself I do believe). Those of you privy to the Real Tour Vision newsletters and insider network tips know all about this!! This is at once good marketing and a way to help promote the local community.

I had a couple of obvious scenes finished (public square, etc.) and then I decided to pay a visit to the local Chamber of Commerce to see if they had any ideas for scenes that I hadn’t thought of.

Little did I know that the Director of Operations and the Membership Coordinator had just finished a conversation about how they could offer a value-added service to their Real Estate agent members. In fact they had been discussing the issue off and on for several weeks.

When I walked in and announced that I had started a virtual tour business and began describing the subtle tour. . .well let’s just say they were excited to no end! My timing couldn’t have been better.

They immediately hired me to create a tour of the Chamber office

And as “luck” would have it the Director’s house was for sale and on the market. The listing agent was a family member of the director in this case and I was also asked to shoot that property. Since this was my first 360 virtual tour I added extra scenes just to show all the great RTV virtual tour software features. Now I can’t wait to finish my subtle tour.

The clients were delighted with the quality of the 360 tours. The RTV system has all the tools I needed to create impressive virtual tours right away. I have also learned much through the community on the provider forums. There is a wealth of knowledge there about everything from how to shoot better photos to how to better serve customers. I just hope I can repay the favor and pay it forward as I learn the craft.

Thanks RTV!

Brett Weaver
SpotLight Virtual Tours