Virtual Tours Your Way

By far the most satisfying part of owning our virtual tour company is the flexibility to offer our clients a choice.

I’ve personally done 360 virtual tours/slide shows/photo shoots of over 300 homes. It occurred to me that unless a realtor has done the same, I can take a lot of worry off her hands by doing it for her.

For larger homes with virtual tours, we will supersize the number of still photos so Realtors have a variety to choose from for their flyers and MLS. Some agencies have “built-in” slide show programs available for use, and many of my clients Supersize for that purpose.

For smaller homes which are not suitable for 360 virtual tours, we offer slide shows. Slide shows are a great way to get around the local MLS 8-still-photo limit.

We will advise against virtual tours when a tasteful slide show using our crystal clear, “page flipping” RTV technology would serve the property better.

We’re not all about getting your cash. We’re all about gaining you as our client.

We have a portfolio of some of our work on our website and you are welcome to kick off your shoes (that’s what we all do up here in the Pacific Northwest) and tiptoe through these homes 🙂

Dawn Shaffer
All About Virtual Tours