Real Tour Vision Extends Virtual Tour Life

The Tour Credit Explained and Tour Credits Vs. Monthly Fees Below

Real Tour Vision has now extended the life of our Real Estate Virtual Tours. In the past all virtual tours uploaded to our web server facility have required a renewal when they reach the one year point. Due to heavy Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider requests over the last seven years, we have decided to extend the life of a published real estate virtual tour to two years.

For those of you paying a monthly fee for your tours or for those of you who don’t understand how the virtual tour credit system works we have put it here below for you to read:

1 Virtual tour credit is needed for each virtual tour you upload to the RTV Servers. Users are entitled to unlimited FREE practice tours as they get acquainted with the Real Tour Vision system or when they are expanding their virtual tour company and brining on a new virtual tour employee. Each virtual tour or property that is shot may contain up to 30 scenes or rooms. These scenes may be a full panoramic, partial panoramic or still snapshot scene.

Online Real Estate (residential, vacant land, or commercial) tours expire two years from the launch date of the tour. All other virtual tour types expire one year from the launch date. All online virtual tours may be renewed before expiration by consuming an additional tour credit. Unused virtual tour credits do not expire.

Companies that utilize virtual tour credit systems vs. a monthly payment system are looking out for your own good. I would be willing to bet that most of you out there looking at systems that charge a monthly fee or currently using a virtual tour solution that requires you pay a monthly fee do not realize as soon as you decide you are using sub par technology and decide to make a switch, all of your virtual tours will be removed from the system. Nearly every monthly fee system that I have seen out there operates this way. Stop paying and they take all of your tours down. How can you escape?

Still thinking about signing up? Make sure you read the fine print before you do! Any company that has to shackle you down to keep you using their technology does not have the most competitive technology. Very recently I was switching someone over from a lower end pay per month system. He currently has 70…yes 70 virtual tours online with this company. When he went to cancel his account and stop paying the monthly fee he was flabbergasted to learn that all of his tours were going to be removed.

Helping people get away from these systems and onto a solution that does not have to hold you hostage to keep your business is what the team here at Real Tour Vision is all about. We are really good at the game and we play fair. Being a provider driven company we must ask ourselves daily, “What do our providers want?” At the end of the day the only thing that keeps our virtual tour providers using our virtual tour software and solution is the fact that we keep evolving and growing the system so they look their best online and can compete out there.

Next time you start out shopping for a virtual tour system, or for those of you out there paying a monthly fee and want to make a switch, give us a call. You are NOT trapped. We will not only make you look better than ever online but we will make your escape from monthly prison an easy one.

Real Tour Vision