Parting Ways with a Happy Ending

My best friend and I had decided to become Real Tour Vision providers and partners in Quantum Views, LLC. We bought our provider package and a set of tour credits and started brainstorming. Then life happened and my partner ended up deciding to move to another state and I ended up with a full-time job at a University. Neither one of us had any time left over to devote to the virtual tour company. We were debating over which one of us would keep the business and struggling with the decision to stay or go.

It seemed like a fun idea to start a virtual tour business together. Now one of us was going to have to go it alone. I had been explaining my dilemma to our sales representative at RTV and he was both sympathetic and supportive. I left the conversation feeling motivated to go for it and I kept the business for myself even though I had to idea how I was going to get rid of the 30 tours credits we had purchased all on my own.

A couple of days later I was watching an elementary school evening performance of Aladdin with my 5 year old when I got an excited voice mail from Real Tour Vision. They had been in contact with a competing virtual tour provider from my area who was moving to Costa Rica in days. This virtual tour photographer had always regretted not becoming an RTV provider and had originally bought a one-shot lens system from a competitor. Now that he was moving to Costa Rica he saw what a great opportunity it would be to start fresh, become an RTV provider, and keep his existing customers VERY happy if he could roll them over to another RTV provider and get them continued service and better technology all on the way out.

Real Tour Vision quickly arranged for me to speak with Mr. Costa Rica and in just a few days I had an instant client base! I “virtually” took over all his clients. A week later I was told that my job at the University was being cut from the budget and so I threw myself into becoming a virtual tour provider. In 3 weeks, I have done tours for 5 of Mr. Costa Rica’s old clients and they all love the superior quality of the RTV virtual tour over that of the one shot lens virtual tours. Just today 2 more new clients contacted me. Each week I’ve had repeat business and it really only takes a few good customers to get you started.

One of the best things about RTV is the customer service you get from the whole team. If if hadn’t been for my sales rep and his motivation, I would still be wondering how to get my foot in the door and Mr. Costa Rica would have left his clients behind without a virtual tour provider. Now I’m watching those tour credits go out the door and looking forward to buying another batch!

Thanks RTV!!

Yvonne Kurtz
Quantum Views Virtual Photography
Authorized provider for Real Tour Vision — Website Coming Soon!