Panorama Jack – Book Recommendation

Many of you out there have the best in digital cameras, lenses, pods and gear. If you are a Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider you consider yourself to be anywhere from an amateur photographer to a professional. In either case you are always on the lookout for better tips, photography tricks and information that result in better panoramic or still photos.

I recently came across a wonderful little book called The Digital Photography Book, by Scott Kelby.

The entire concept behind this book is great from cover to cover:
Two people out on a shoot running into specific situations and providing layman terminology in describing just how to get that shot without all the technical explanations and techie photo speak to confuse things.

For those of you that just used your camera equipment and gear over the Fourth of July to shoot our fireworks you would to have loved to have this little snippet of information taken directly from the book:

– Set your camera to full manual mode and put it on a tripod.
– Use a three or four second shutter speed.
– Set your aperture to f/11.

Perfect firework shots every time!

The book is jam-packed with tips like that. I highly recommend Scott Kelby’s book if you’re just starting out as a virtual tour photographer or a pro looking for some additional tips for your bag of tricks.


Panorama Jack