Online Marketing is Key

Realtors(R) are quickly learning that establishing an online reputation could make them or break them in today’s market. The days where families want to drive from house to house are long gone. With children schedules to coincide and gas prices quickly rising once again, using 360 virtual tours to shop online for houses has become extremely commonplace.

When I first opened SLP Virtual Tours, my best friend was ecstatic. She told me that her and her husband wouldn’t even consider buying a home that didn’t have a 360 tour. They spent a few hours a week online reviewing houses on the market that had virtual tours. They narrowed them down to their three favorite and then began calling Realtors.

From the three, they picked “The ONE!” and live in it still today. And what was the exact quote of my 32 year old best friend with a husband and four children? “If a Realtor gets a listing and doesn’t think it’s worthy of a 360 virtual tour-then why would it be worthy of my time to see in person and be worthy our money?”

By using virtual tours on every home, Realtors are quickly seeing a rise in their client lists. Using a top leading virtual tour company such as Philadelphia’s SLP Virtual Tours-the Realtors reputation gets catapulted into a “who to use” real estate agent status. The agent’s photograph is included on every tour as well as contact information and company logo. It’s a surefire bet for a real estate agent to “Brand” themselves in today’s ultra-competitive market. And the 360 tours offer top notch conveniences for each viewer including music, crisp clear images that rotate 360 degrees, a zoom feature that allows viewers to zoom in and out on the fine architectural details of a property.

Not all virtual tour companies out there offer top quality virtual tours. It’s a buyer beware market. In fact, the newest game on the net is companies claiming to be virtual tour companies when in fact, they only make up a slide show of still photos. Let’s face it here, more consumers enjoy their experience when they utilize a 360 degree virtual tour that modern technology gives us the ability to create. Listings that utilize this technology become what they call in the industry as sticky and keep shoppers coming back for more.

Making the right decision and trusting virtual tour providers in the Real Tour Vision network is imperative for any real estate agent who understands the importance of online presence and reputation. With our great virtual tour software we simply make you look your very best online. And of course it does help that Real Tour Vision providers stand out above the rest too.

Jennifer Stiefel
SLP Virtual Tours