More Buyers with 360 Virtual Tours

In a vacation and retirement destination such as the Florida Panhandle, many potential buyers will be from outside the local area. Lifelong vacationers, retirees, military, and even overseas investors may decide to purchase here. As a virtual tour provider, I am always preaching the benefit of on-line advertising of real estate. It is always good when a client confirms my worth. I’ve been told of several instances when a 360 virtual tour I did helped sell a home.

I have also been told of a couple of times when a virtual tour was the deciding factor in the selling of a home. There are instances when a buyer’s circumstances merit them deciding on a property to purchase before they can physically visit the area. I have found no better tool to help in that decision than, a good Realtor, and of course, an exceptional virtual tour.

Joe Beane
Round the Room Virtual Tours