A Little “Bread” and Breakfast

Recently , while searching for additional business clients, I decided to do a free 360 Tour for a local Bed and Breakfast establishment. The 360 tour was time consuming, as I had to return another day and shoot some pictures of a wedding to include in the virtual tour. The extra time was definitely worth it; as I found out to my surprise, that the owner is also a Board member with Virginia’s Bed & Breakfast Association.

He liked the tour so much Click Here To View Tour that he agreed to email other owners in the region and also try and get a link of my Virtual Tour Business added to the associations website!

Besides all the free advertising I received from this one tour, the owner also said I had two nights all-inclusive stay for 2 any time!……Now, ….if I can just find that second part of the equation?!

If you are a certified virtual tour provider with Real Tour Vision log into the forum as I have posted some secret tips on how to secure a LOT of Bed and Breakfast virtual tours in your area all at once. All virtual tour providers should know about this!! A Little “Bread” and a whole lot of free breakfast.

James Rector
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