The Hard Sale: Comparing Apples to Oranges

Every now and again you are going to run into a Realtor(r) that gives you a hard time based on price alone. These same people are probably selling million dollar homes and driving around in a 60K vehicle, but drive you nuts about a $99 marketing tool.

People buy based on EMOTION. So if you own a virtual tour company read below because now is the time to turn the tables on them!

Show them how much money they are WASTING on other forms of advertisement. Professional website design can cost thousands of dollars. Classified ads cost A LOT on a per-day breakdown (like usually $100 for 3 days of local advertising), then break it down to cost per day vs. cost per day for 365 days of internet worldwide exposure.

360 virtual tours can also work as lead generators for people looking to sell a house.. ‘uh, hun look what this guy does for his seller.. maybe we should use that Realtor…” a classified ad CAN’T do that. No one looks at a classified ad and says, WOW that’s awesome marketing… so make it their choice.. “for the cost of a three day classified ad I can market your property on website a, website b…….etc”

Get them thinking about how much money that they are wasting by using real estate books WITHOUT a virtual tour. A typical RE advertising book can cost $200-$500 or more per full color page and only have a shelf-life of a month or so depending on publication and area. If they use these really expensive ads as lead generators for a VIRTUAL TOUR website, then they can keep interested ‘actively shopping buyers’ involved on their VIRTUAL TOUR website. The last NAR research showed that buyers shop from 8-12 weeks before they make the decision to buy.. so show them how they can use their marketing dollars MORE WISELY to appeal to buyers in all phases of the active ‘shopping process’ for less investment per day of advertising.

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See you next week!

Cheryl Waller
National Marketing Manager
Real Tour Vision


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