The Extra Stuff Keeps a Client

Well, it’s been a while since my last blog so I thought I send everyone out there something short and sweet just to catch up a bit.

I don’t know who’s responsible for the rumors that “the industry” is SLOW right now because I have been busier than ever! As a Mom, a Realtor and a virtual tour photographer. Lucky for me, I guess, I work closely with a very successful agent in my office who just last week alone took another 9+ listings~ each one needing a Virtual Tour and pictures created. That plus a few other agents with new listings and a couple of new referrals to boot!

It’s not easy being “a one woman” show, but definitely worth the benefits! Sorry Ben, I’ve been too busy to even call you back… and YES, I do still need some “assistance” with the virtual tour software and camera set up. But that’s my “little secret” that only Ben, Jason and I will “get” for now.

My little business, is not really treated like that~ I call it “K’s Quik Pix” simply to represent the quick and easy, so to say. Like I said before, typically when a Realtor asks for it, they really wanted it done yesterday. Seriously. Time is of the essence. So I try to get the pictures taken as soon as possible, same day or next day if possible and then simply get the virtual tour created and uploaded within the next 24 hours, I also burn 3 copies for them on cds and now use Lightscribe technology to burn the image on the label as well. That is too cool in itself! I put them in cases and tie them together with ribbon or yarn and attach the invoice.

I don’t really know how the Realtors perceive all that, but I think it blows any said competition away. And, then when the homeowners are out of cds, guess who they come to for the repeat business? And what a great way to help spread the word about my virtual tour company as well!!

The Realtors love the CD’s too because of the way it makes them look. I have had some ask me what they’re supposed to do with the cds so I offer herein some suggestions:

Give them to the homeowners as a closing gift.
Give them to the prospective buyers to take with them after a showing.
Give them to other agents to hand out to a qualifying prospect.
Finally they can use the virtual tour collection in their personal portfolio.

It did not take very long before the agents in my town started getting the idea! Besides, what’s going to set you apart from the competition, another flyer getting stepped on on the floor board of their car or a professional cd with all your information, credentials and other listings linked to it!? Hmm, now who do you think they’re going to remember, their Realtor that hauled them from house to house and showed them where the bedrooms and kitchen were or the Realtor that provided pictures, 360 virtual tours and cds?

Anyway it really doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to do the extra stuff that keeps a client and acquires the new ones. I have said it myself and I’m sure it’s one to be said and heard time and time again- that “you get what you pay for!” And it is so true. You also get what you give. If you can take the time to really go above and beyond, it will come back two fold. It does so especially when you put your name on it, take the time and do it right.

In the meantime, you won’t have to worry about what everyone else is saying about “the market,” because you’ll be too busy to worry about what everyone else is doing! Good luck and Have Fun. That’s what it’s all about.

Karisma Olson
Reece & Nichols – Liberty