Choosing the BEST Virtual Tour Company

If you are currently in the research phase of selecting a virtual tour company, then by now you must be tired of looking at virtual tour company website after virtual tour company website, trying to decide which company can better market your real estate listings. It’s a daunting task, but a very important one. Because at the end of the day, you need a company that takes the extra step to actually market your listings and not just stop at delivering a great 360 virtual tour.

There are many national and local companies to choose from. In fact, today, if you are to pull up a listing of all ® Picture Path® authorized partners, you would probably see a very long and almost overwhelming list. This is mostly due to the fact that there are no costs to be an authorized partner. This opens the floodgates for all kinds of different virtual tour companies that may or may not market your listings effectively.

When you are looking through the Real Tour Vision website, the Website and our virtual tour company blog site, keep in mind the one question that brought you here. What makes our virtual tour solution different from other virtual tour providers? How can this virtual tour company market my listings better than another company in the Indian River or St. Lucie County areas?

Starting with our virtual tours, here are a few differences:
When I started this company in 2005, I purchased several different types of virtual tour software. I spent time using the various different software interfaces, tour equipment, and carefully analyzed the final product. After much consideration (and investment) I chose to partner with Real Tour Vision as a Full Service Provider. Why are Real Tour Vision providers Better? Click on that link and see why virtually all Real Tour Vision Full Service Providers are LEADERS in their market places.

Our interactive technology has been around for over 7 years, yet just recently hundreds if not thousands of companies are emerging all over the nation using inferior technologies and then marketing them as ‘virtual tours’ . I call it the ‘jack-in-the box’ effect, but you can read more about that here in my article The Virtual Tour Dilemma. Since Picture Path® opened the doors to pretty much anyone with a camera and a website, it is my opinion that this dilemma is only going to worsen. Unfortunately this makes your job as a real estate agent searching for a provider or as someone looking for technology to startup a virtual tour company much more difficult.

So, back to a few more differences…

What Do We Mean By Interactive and why is it better than a video tour or slideshow tour? Click on the following link and see what Alex Saenger has to say. Alex is a leading provider in the Maryland area. Video Tours vs. Interactive 360 Virtual Tours You can also read Ross Goldberg’s article The Goldberg Test about his experiences during his research of Real Tour Vision Software. In fact, if you have some time, I highly suggest that you sift through the virtual tour company blog and see what others have to say. This way it’s not just coming from me. Also, If you would like to take a quick look at the interactive feature of our tour, choose an example below this introduction and click on the ‘Hot-Spots’ (small blue navigation buttons ON the tour itself).

So let’s move on to marketing. You wouldn’t be looking for a virtual tour company if you just wanted to have pictures taken and have them sit on the Internet somewhere for no one in particular to find. That is something that you can very easily do yourself and does nothing to actually market the property. It is important that once the tour is completed, the tour is then marketed to prospective buyers on the Internet.

A virtual tour is an Internet marketing tool, without being actually marketing on the Internet is nothing more than a wasted advertising expense. After your tour is completed, we automatically distribute your tour to 40+ Internet portal sites. In addition, we take it a step further with our agent webpage and organic SEO marketing.

Everyone of our agents has a listing on our agents page and I make sure to link all of your virtual tours to the agents page. In addition, your website is linked to each and every one of your virtual tours. I also spend a considerable amount of time marketing our website and fine-tuning its content so that it is always fresh for the Google bot. Take a look at our stats, and you will see that we receive much more traffic than most typical local companies. I also participate in blogs such as ActiveRain, and the Real Tour Vision blog. I make sure to always link back to our so that our agents receive the maximum amount of exposure for their listings on the Internet. Everything is about marketing your listings, the more successful you become, the more successful we become. This results in even more marketing for our website, your tours, your listings, and all of this happens automatically when you choose us as your marketing partner.

Take some time and look around our website. While you are here read What Others have to say about their experiences in their testimonials throughout the site make sure to sign-up for my marketing newsletter. I call it ‘You Stole My Marketing” because every month I share marketing tips, with all of our agents can ‘steal’ to help them keep cutting-edge on all of their marketing efforts and not just virtual tours. I look forward to working with you in the very near future!

Cheryl Waller
Treasure Coast Virtual Tours