Buyers Beware!!

The house you’re looking at on a 360 virtual tour might have been cleaned up by a Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider!!!

Sometimes you feel like helping tidy up because you don’t want your virtual tour to look bad.

Well everyone…encountered a reason NOT to.

The buyer’s agent called my real estate agent client to say that she’d brought the husband by to see the house but refused to bring the wife by until the house had been cleaned.

It seems that the homeowner (who just HAD to sell within 30 days) went back to her “cluttered” way of life as soon as we left. Now, “my Realtor” was in hot water because the house wasn’t ANYTHING like it showed in the 360 virtual tour.

You’re in trouble if you do….and in trouble if you don’t. So the lesson here is to make sure that your clients have the house ready for you. From here forward, I think I had better stick to sending out my virtual tour preparation tips!

Dawn Shaffer
All About Virtual Tours