360 Virtual Tours and Home Staging

Real estate staging is a concept that’s difficult for many people to “get their heads around.” Briefly, it’s de-cluttering a home and tastefully decorating it so that viewers are better able to envision their families and belongings in your home. Many of us are pack rats and by the time we move, we’ve collected so much “stuff” that the house looks like it has indigestion.

I would like to share a virtual tour of a home we shot last week which had been staged. The expense was less than one month’s house payment, and the Realtor immediately “stepped up” and called me for a quality 360 virtual tour.

Click here for the Virtual Tour

Staging the key rooms of a home is an expense which, when coupled with a quality virtual tour, help homes stand above the rest…and that’s what our virtual tour company is all about.

Dawn Shaffer
All About Virtual Tours