360 Tours, Networking Sites and Agents

Home sellers are increasingly learning the ins and outs of the internet and how it can help them for their quest in signing the perfect real estate agent. Not only do the online home shoppers want to see a picture of the property, they want to stand inside the property and look around without ever leaving their houses. Online viewers are demanding. They want to see high-visual content, not a few snapshots. High-quality 360 virtual tours are the way to go when trying to accomplish a sense of security when establishing a potential buyer/seller trust. They want to see that the agent took the time to hire a professional and that the tour is a true, reliable representation of that property.

Using a distributor that uses Real Tour Vision virtual tour software is the only way to accomplish this. SLP Virtual Tours is a virtual tour company based in the Philadelphia, PA area that offers this exciting technology.

Another way buyers/sellers are choosing their agents is by checking to see if they use networking sites. Sites like Myspace.com and WannaNetwork.com allow agents to set up a profile page, blogs, and their real estate listings. All of these features are included and are free to use. Agents not taking advantage of these sites are starting to be overlooked quickly. Agents utilizing these sites are shooting to the top ranks in their brokerage firms, producing higher sales numbers and quick turnarounds.

Agents can send a bulletin of their newest listing including a video of their virtual tour to everyone on their friend list, quickly getting the word out on the property listing. Viewers also get a personal look into the agent themselves from these sites. Are they popular with others? Do they log in daily to stay on top of things? And they take the time to read the blogs and About Me sections to get to know the agent before contacting them. Craigslist.com is also free to list in almost all of the major cities and is yet another great tool for agents to use on a daily basis.

The bottom line here is the more tools that you can tell your clients about the more you become the local online marketing expert that Real Tour Vision has trained you all to become. If you share one or two of these ideas with your clients each time you visit with them they are not only getting the very best virtual tours from you, they are getting some great cutting edge business consulting too which only Real Tour Vision providers are savvy enough to deliver!

Jennifer Stiefel
SLP Virtual Tours