360 Empowerment — The Agents Perspective

One reason I LOVE Real Tour Vision is for the following reason — Empowerment.

Empowerment is the reason that I decided to be a real estate agent in the first place. The chance to do the best job possible, for the lowest price.

As a Realtor since the early 2000’s I have hired a lot of Virtual Tour Companies to film my 360 Virtual Tours. Some were too bright or too dark, and some only filmed 4 rooms which was not enough to give my home shoppers a good idea of the entire home.

In fact, one company branding themselves a “Virtual Tour” company only filmed a large stationary picture of a room, and gently moved the camera back and forth. You all know which company I am talking about. What a joke!!

But then I hit upon Real Tour Virtual Tours in 2005. What a difference!! RTV empowers Agents and their Teams — to do the Virtual Tour themselves and look their very best online.

When joining the Real Tour Team, they send out the entire package including the virtual tour stand, the clip, the booklet, virtual tour software — and provides the best training and support possible. By the time, I went out to do my first Virtual Tour in 2005, I knew what to do.

Soon I was posting high quality Virtual Tours; 6-8 rooms, for a fraction of the cost that it would have been had I hired someone, but of course I do have my time involved here. There is also the benefit in the real estate agent being able to tell the home seller that they are sending out a professional but I consider myself to be a very good photographer and my Real Tour Vision package makes me look even more official.

By advertising high quality full 360 Virtual Tours for each and every one of my listings, I was able to expand my real estate business from averaging 8 listings at one time, to almost 25 present day!! Virtual tours enable me to work more efficiently and I look at it as just another invaluable tool for my industry that keeps me ahead of the times.

This is what our business is all about — empowerment. Learning, responding, and overcoming the challenges that face each and every one of us.

With Real Tour Virtual Tours, I am empowered in this critical area as well and look my very best while I am doing it!

Gena Giannuzzi

Real Estate Professional
Keller Williams Realty – Plymouth
40600 Ann Arbor Rd. Suite 100
Plymouth, Michigan 48170