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Real estate staging is a concept that’s difficult for many people to “get their heads around.” Briefly, it’s de-cluttering a home and tastefully decorating it so that viewers are better able to envision their families and belongings in your home. Many of us are pack rats and by the time we move, we’ve collected so much “stuff” that the house looks like it has indigestion.

I would like to share a virtual tour of a home we shot last week which had been staged. The expense was less than one month’s house payment, and the Realtor immediately “stepped up” and called me for a quality 360 virtual tour.

Click here for the Virtual Tour

Staging the key rooms of a home is an expense which, when coupled with a quality virtual tour, help homes stand above the rest…and that’s what our virtual tour company is all about.

Dawn Shaffer
All About Virtual Tours

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Every now and again you are going to run into a Realtor(r) that gives you a hard time based on price alone. These same people are probably selling million dollar homes and driving around in a 60K vehicle, but drive you nuts about a $99 marketing tool.

People buy based on EMOTION. So if you own a virtual tour company read below because now is the time to turn the tables on them!

Show them how much money they are WASTING on other forms of advertisement. Professional website design can cost thousands of dollars. Classified ads cost A LOT on a per-day breakdown (like usually $100 for 3 days of local advertising), then break it down to cost per day vs. cost per day for 365 days of internet worldwide exposure.

360 virtual tours can also work as lead generators for people looking to sell a house.. ‘uh, hun look what this guy does for his seller.. maybe we should use that Realtor…” a classified ad CAN’T do that. No one looks at a classified ad and says, WOW that’s awesome marketing… so make it their choice.. “for the cost of a three day classified ad I can market your property on website a, website b…….etc”

Get them thinking about how much money that they are wasting by using real estate books WITHOUT a virtual tour. A typical RE advertising book can cost $200-$500 or more per full color page and only have a shelf-life of a month or so depending on publication and area. If they use these really expensive ads as lead generators for a VIRTUAL TOUR website, then they can keep interested ‘actively shopping buyers’ involved on their VIRTUAL TOUR website. The last NAR research showed that buyers shop from 8-12 weeks before they make the decision to buy.. so show them how they can use their marketing dollars MORE WISELY to appeal to buyers in all phases of the active ‘shopping process’ for less investment per day of advertising.

To get tips like this every single week, all you have to do is be an active RTV provider and sign up for a free membership at

See you next week!

Cheryl Waller
National Marketing Manager
Real Tour Vision


The RPM Print Shop and Sign Shop are now LIVE on our website for Gold & Silver members. Check it out when you get a minute. There is everything from magnetic car signs & decals to trade show banners and more.

Also, we will soon have golf balls and other give-aways added to the storefront. So, keep your eye out, we have lots planned for you! Due to popular request, we may even have the Real Tour Vision ‘Panorama Jack….or is it Jason?’ bobble head doll coming soon!! How cool would that be as a give-away to your clients! (seriously.. email me if you are interested in one or two of these…)

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Dear Real Tour Vision and RPM…You Rock!

My virtual tour company just launched a 220 Realtor(R) campaign with RPM’s help. Maria (my spouse) has both assisted living facilities under her wing and I finally have my assistants focus and am ready to be a fully focused FSD with RTV! Up until now I did not have the time to fully focus on getting things kick started as I was so busy with the assisted living centers. We are all looking forward to the enhancements to the tour builder software and the launching of the new TMS here very soon. For Florida Eye Virtual tours the second half of 2007 should be very impressive. Thanks RPM and RTV!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Chris Grumley
Florida Eye Tours, LLC

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Dear RTV Virtual tour provider,

The reason I am contacting you is to get some feed back on the RTV business , your name and contact were given to me as references from my sales rep at RTV. I am considering getting into this business and wanted some insight from some people that have being doing it for awhile. First of how helpful is RTV with an issues and is this hard to market if your not in the immediate real estate business? Do potential clients think the pricing is fair? How hard is it to build clientèle and keep repeat business? Can this be a full time business or strictly part time? I greatly appreciate your comments. I can be reached at 555-555-5555 or you can email me and give me a convenient time to call you .Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
Joe Prospect

Good afternoon Joe,

In your email you asked me for my opinion of Real Tour Vision and the virtual tour business in general. I have been in the virtual tour business since the summer of 2005. My first attempted into the business was with a company that no longer is in business. (that is a good thing) It was altogether a very bad experience. During the time I was with “that company” I was in phone contact with Jason at Real Tour Vision and of course, Jason was telling me all the things I thought I wanted to hear!

After a few months of a very bad experience, I decided to sever all contact with “that company” and toss my hat in the ring with Real Tour Vision. That was in the fall of 2005.

To date, Realtor Vision has never, let me repeat, NEVER disappointed me! Everything they promised me has been delivered and more. The Real Tour Vision staff is sincerely interested in the success of its full service providers. They know, the more success we have, the more successful Real Tour Vision will be.

I have never had a problem or question that wasn’t answered or dealt with promptly and professionally by the RTV staff. My experience has been excellent as far as RTV in concerned. In my opinion, you will not be disappointed by choosing Real Tour Vision.

As for the business itself, it can be anything you want it to be. If you’re looking for a full time business and a very good living, you need only work toward the end. I look at the real estate side of the business as the bread and butter part of my work. I concentrate the rest of my efforts on business tours. Business tours would include such business as restaurants, senior citizen life care complexes, gyms and health clubs, and on and on. Again, you can lean on Real Tour vision to help you with building your business. They have a full line of sample advertising and “How-To” articles for building a virtual tour business from scratch, including recommended pricing.

All in all, I have to say, my total experience with Real Tour Vision has been more than positive. While I have never personally met anyone at RTV, I consider these people team members and friends.

I love the virtual tour business and RTV, obviously!

Anything else I can answer for you or if you would like to simply talk about the business, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best Wishes,


Howard “Nic” Nichols
Phoenix Companies
Mt. Holly, NJ 08060

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Marketing With Virtual Tours For Rental Managers

Summer is quickly coming to a close. Time to gear up you marketing programs for next season. 360 Virtual tours can be a cost effective way to market to past and potential clients.

A minimal investment can go a long way with adding 360 virtual tours to your website. Display a tour of the amenities your property has to offer. Include pools, lobby exercise facilities, beach access, nearby attractions, etc. Having an interactive virtual tour on your website gives clients a tool to explore your property in an enjoyable manor from the comfort of their home. Include tours of the types of rooms offered. Being able to view in advance what the client will be receiving boosts confidence in your establishment.

Take things a step further. Email your guests a link and invitation to view the virtual tour of the room they will be staying in a couple of weeks before they are due for arrival. This will get them excited in anticipation of their stay. Further, send them the link again a month after departure and recommend re-booking for next year!

View a resort virtual tour HERE

Joe Beane

Round The Room virtual tours and photography

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