Going the Extra Mile

My latest virtual tour customer just switched real estate companies and continues to boast of the quality of the 360 virtual tours that I provide. Thanks to Real Tour Vision I am able to not only make her virtual tours stand out above the rest, but I also give her a more professional appearance online that commands the respect of her clinets, prospects, and peers. She has told me that the previous virtual tour company she used delivered virtual home tours that were almost always distorted and did not leave a professional impression.

She told me that while working at her last real estate office they had someone who would put the pictures into a PowerPoint with words and logo’s and such so she can email to clients along with the virtual tours. Since I already had all of the pictures I agreed to put one together for her and she was just thrilled that I went above and beyond her expectations. She told some of her friends and now I’m adding Power Points for a couple of other real estate agents as well.

Brian Bond
Bond Computers and Boerne Virtual Tours