Via la RTV!

Recently I took the plunge and became the first Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider in France. My first week out on the streets, selling my 360 tours, has been very interesting. Unlike the UK and the USA, 360 virtual tours are not common. Many of my customers have only a vague understanding of what they are. I quickly learned that many real estate agents have preconceived ideas. One Realtor(r) actually said to me, “I’m sorry but I can’t have a camera installed in all my houses!! The people living there would never approve!”

After a very difficult morning communicating my service offer with potential customers, I went home for lunch. Keep in mind all you Americans, everything closes for lunch out here. So I had a two hour window with no open businesses to visit. I headed home and made a flyer. I called it the “Myths about Virtual Tours” but of course in French.

I also made a 10 page booklet of nice photos of samples and a step by step guide of what happens after they agree to do it. I copied some sample 360 tours onto a pocket sized key drive, and was on my way. Having those marketing materials handy has made a big difference. It only goes to show you that even in Europe, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Michele Ryan
Cote d’Azur, France