RTV – The Italian Experience

Our experience in Italy where we have been present for two years now as a Real Tour Vision virtual tour provider working the real estate market. We are still to the beginning in how much we are paying an old market from the point of view marketing is for the presence of network that they work in independent way is from realtor of old generation. We are trying to offer virtual tours in several companies near the Venice but e’ the fear that the same ones lose something, when we explain to it that the tours are a benefit for the company!

To date we are changing marketing: we are activating a website (www.oasimap.com) where we create Virtual tours also to owner in order stimulate the market real estate about Internet and to short we will go in advertising through traditional means of paper. In tourist field we have made goal! Italy optimal wants advancements in tourism field and our 360 virtual tours in the hotels and villas are accepted well! We look forward to many more years with Real Tour Vision and all of the great virtual tour software updates to expand to more languages.

Great day!

Michele Belmondo