Robo on Tours

Once again, yet another amazing opportunity falling into my lap due to being a virtual tour provider within the Real Tour Vision movement!

I’m traveling across the U.S.A. for the second summer in a row from vacation destination to vacation destination. I am stopping all along the way to shoot 360 virtual tours. Some of my virtual tours are just scenic tours for my own personal use while many of the others are sold on the spot when I arrive on location. So far I’ve made it across the Rockies to the islands of Lake Erie for a few tours. One of them was actually for a kayak rental company that you can view at

The 360 tour is short, but that’s due to the fact that it was shot using what I call the free style hand pan while aboard a ‘pontoon bike’ out on the lake. The Real Tour Vision virtual tour software is solid enough to give me the flexibility to do hand pans from time to time and not sacrifice a fantastic virtual tour scene just because I can’t get my gear there. Hand pans are a little more time consuming but can make for some really cool panoramic scenes. Just another way you can create tours that impress the client and viewers as well!

Rob Lenthe

Remote Global Viewing