Real Tour Vision HOT Spots

One thing that really impresses my customers and me with the virtual tour software of Real Tour Vision, is the ability to click on icons (“hot spots”) and travel from room to room. This allows the viewer to choose where they want to go in the home, and gives a good sense of the home’s floor plan.

This interaction between Internet home shopper and real estate listing makes the tours “Sticky” and keeps them engaged with the tour longer than they would if they were simply watching a video online or on their local real estate home channel on television. The computer is a tool that we use daily in a much different manner than that of the television set. Our hand in on the mouse and the keyboard. We are ready to interact, click around, and discover new things. That is exactly what the Real Tour Vision tour sets up the home shopper to do.

This is one of the best functional features offered by all Real Tour Vision virtual tour providers that helps us stand out above the other virtual tour companies. Another interesting point about the hot spot icons, is that they can be customized according to who you are creating the tour for. A hospital tour might utilize a red cross as a hot spot while RE/MAX agents LOVE the floating balloon inside of their tours. I find that many of the real estate companies uses their logo as the hotspot icon. It reinforces their company recognition in a functional way.

Becky Miles
InSite Virtual Tours