Real Tour Vision Welcomes Morgan Makowski

Real Tour Vision welcomes Morgan Makowski to the team. Morgan comes to Team RTV with and award winning personality, a great desire to achieve and a myriad of other wonderful assets and strengths that will benefit our company and providers. Morgan will be receiving cross training in nearly all of our departments in including Dispatch, Tour Track, Account Setup and, as a final challenge, she will be trained by our in-house Lens Engineer Ben Knorr giving us an additional lens engineer on staff.

Morgan relocated from Chicago where the rest of her family remains. She attended college at the University of Dayton, Ohio. It was there that she acquired her skills in entrepreneurship, leadership and discovered that the world is full of opportunities that you must go after.

“My passion lies in opening up my creative side and allowing myself to grow and learn from my surroundings. I am very excited to be on board with the best virtual tour company in the world and look forward to working with what appears to be a finely tuned machine!” said Morgan when we asked her for a comment for our Blog.

With dispatches at an all time high and new Tour Track accounts coming on every other week you are sure to receive a phone call from Morgan very soon if you are Full Service virtual tour provider with Real Tour Vision. Be sure to say hello and welcome her to team RTV!