Going for the Referral

Of all the years I’ve been in sales, I’m always amazed when an unexpected referral source appears. I think we all sometimes have the tendency to prejudge sales and referral sources; so, it’s always uplifting when that source eventually finds us.

I’ve been an active virtual tour provider for Real Tour Vision for almost a year; mainly photographing vacation rental properties on the North Carolina coast.

Here is a great virtual tour – VIRTUAL TOUR

I recently received my first residential virtual tour assignment from an real estate agent at one of the largest firms in the area. She in turn passed my information on to her Web Designer, Marci; who liked the tour so much, that within a week I had two new clients! One is a FSBO and the other is a Developer. I learned from Marci that she also has contacts with the Local Chamber and the County Tourism Dept.; so, I anticipate receiving many more contacts from this one referral partner and will in turn will send business her way. She also has clients throughout the country; so, there could be an added benefit in this new relationship that may help other RTV providers as well using the all new Real Tour Vision Tour Track Program.

James Rector
Image 360 Virtual Tours