No Virtual Tours Require more luck!

Are you feeling Lucky?

I have a friend who is moving to North Carolina. He made the trip to shop for his home since the area he was moving to apparently did not utilize virtual tour technology and he couldn’t find much online. He needed to finalize the purchase over the weekend giving him only 3 days to locate, inspect, and close. After a disappointing search he decided to give up and head back when driving down a side road he happend to pass a ‘For Sale By Owner’ sign and decided to stop in and look at the home.

The house was the best option he had seen all weekend and would suite his needs. He decided to go forward and close on the home and come to find out the family in the home had to move and they had been hoping their home would sell for quite some time. Now if the home would have been listed on a website with a 360 virtual tour the home may have sold more quickly and they would have had a much larger group of potential customers than just the traffic on their road. I wonder how many other potential buyers may have purchased this home except they never knew it was there. The family that was selling got really lucky that my friend happened to drive down their street.

By Ben Knorr
Real Tour Vision Lens Engineer